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Friday, February 23, 2007

Passat, you tease

My car started making a noise, one which I refer to as the "thousand-dollar squeak." It seems to recur every year or so, and it costs about $1,000 to fix. I'm getting tired of it (the thousand-dollar part, not the squeak), so I might just ignore it and see what happens.

Of course, whenever something is slightly less-than-perfect in my car (or any other part of my life) I start thinking about buying a new vehicle. The new VW Passat has crept up to the top of my list... only to tumble down to the very bottom, leaving me emotionally battered. Let me explain...

I want a car that is big and German. So far, the Passat qualifies. I also want heated leather or vinyl seats. (Cat hair sticks to cloth seats like glue... except when it unsticks all over my clothes. And unheated leather/vinyl will freeze my tuchus.) The Passat continues to qualify.

I also want a reliable car. And this is when the foam starts hitting the fuel tank: the Passat's reliability is a Columbia-scale disaster. But wait! Consumer Reports says that NASA was only in charge of the standard 4-cylinder engine; the optional V6 is actually quite dependable. Whew....

Hold on a sec, is that an o-ring cracking? The V6 starts at $30,000? And heated seats are another $1,000 extra???

And the good engine only comes with an automatic? What the hell kind of German car is this?

To add insult to injury, VW is about to offer a special edition Passat with heated seats and sunroof for under $27,000. That would be perfect, but it's only available with the 4-cylinder engine (the one made from birds' nests and nitroglycerine). And it's only availale with the automatic; a manual would've been about $1,000 cheaper, and more reliable, too.

So, fooey on you, VW product planners. The company that once boasted of fahrvergnugen no longer deigns to offer a V6 + stick shift sedan... let alone at a People's Car price.


Blogger momof2innc said...

Don't even think about buying a VW passat!!!!I have a 2003 VW passat 6 cyclinder with all the bells and whistles(leather seats with warmers,walnut interior trim etc)and I have had 4 recalls(seat belt,electronic lighting,seat warmers, and fuel pump).As I am typing this my car is the garage (vw) with a collapsed cylinder ring that will cost me $3055.00 or more and the inconveniance of no vehicle for 11 days(or more).Of course the cylinder did not collapse under warranty!!!Other complaints include:poor quality leather on seating,floor mats were horrid and had to be replaced,knob fell of cd player and had to be replaced,rear seat spring sounds broken on one side(squeaks)and lastly one of the power windows in the rear stopped working and had to be fixed!!! As soon as this car is fixed I am returning to the reliability of Honda; quite frankly I should have never left.

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