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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Union of Concerned Plagiarists

The Union of Concerned Scientists just announced their intention to save the world with an eco-heroic minivan. It would combine a plethora of available technologies to reduce carbon emissions by about 40%. That's all well and good, but my problem is that they totally stole the shell from Renault. The green one is the UCS's van-o-the-future, the silver one is Renault's Espace:

I'm baffled why they would do this. It's dishonest to pretend that they designed this thing. True, the vehicle shell is totally irrelevant to the technologies they're pushing, so perhaps we ought not fuss over the body that they pretend will house all the green goodies. But then why bother with the CAD faux-concept at all?


Blogger Clampants said...

I saw a Lumina APV this morning, and I am now (again) convinced that it will save the world.

8:00 AM  

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